Learning Analytics

Better insight into the educational process, targeted feedback and the improvement of education. That is the purpose of learning analytics, but how can you utilize learning analytics successfully? There is not always a policy or system in place to do so.

Without Learning Analytics it is difficult to understand the knowledge level of students, how students progress, how students engage with study material and other aspects of the studyprocess, since most learning data is fragmented. This results in a high administrative workload for those who nevertheless want to gain insights from the learning data and have to do so “by hand”.

As a result, opportunities are missed that can contribute greatly to supporting learning and improving education. Ultimately, this results in more study-related drop-outs which costs the institute more than 10,000 euros per drop-out per lost academic year.

UGuide is your guide

For students, UGuide means more focused learning through better, topic-oriented feedback and direct references to study materials.

For teachers, UGuide means more insight in the knowledge level of student(s) and improving contact-education.

For staff members, UGuide means more insight into the progress of courses and students, so that dropouts can be prevented and work can be done more efficiently.

UGuide stands for

Complete and accessible

UGuide visualizes the most important data in interactive graphs such as interaction levels with study material and the score on specific topics for each individual stakeholder.

Explaining relationships

Concepts are related to tests, study materials and surveys. These relationships give meaning to the results and show the story behind the grade.

Advice and feedback

UGuide's actionable advice module provides automated feedback to all stakeholders. Relationships are explained and contextualised.

Easy implementation

UGuide uses open standards such as xAPI and LTI. Data is automatically collected from sources such as LMS, grade and test systems!

Measuring is knowing

UGuide offers a comprehensive survey tool that enables the measurement of student wellbeing. This data also provides context to student performance.

Privacy first

UGuide adheres to the GDPR, the principles of SURF and informs all parties involved about what happens with the data. UGuide does not share information with third parties.

The future of education

UGuide is the next step in education. It makes learning data measurable and tangible and thus facilitates lifelong learning. Naturally, the features develop along with you and your wishes.

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UGuide's Achievements



> 2000



Saved per lost academic year


With the help of UGuide, my students could check in on their knowledge of specific concepts. With this they could efficiently use their time to study the concepts that they could still improve on. The overview of the given responses gave me insight into which misconceptions were present among my students. This allowed me to focus on these concepts when reviewing and to adjust my future lectures to prevent or dispel these misconceptions.

- J.B. (Jonno) van Vulpen


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